Dapper Boi

Dapper Boi is on a mission to change the future of fashion. They are a gender-neutral and size-inclusive apparel line founded in 2015 by married couple, Vicky and Charisse Pasche who believe they can change the world by changing the way we feel in our own skin (and in our clothes!).

Dapper Boi storefront re-build by Aztech - aztechdigital.co


  • Digital Design System
  • UX Design
  • Premium Theme Development 
  • Custom Configuration
  • SKU Pre-Order Setup
  • Custom Product Size Configuration
  • Retention Loyalty Program Support


Branding / Digital Design System
UX Design
Premium Shopify Development
Custom Configuration
Pre-Order Setup
Custom Product Sizing
Dapper boi loyalty by Aztech - aztechdigital.co

You might be wondering, where did the idea for Dapper Boi come from? Simple. The founders were tired of shopping in the men’s section for clothes that just didn’t fit their body’s type. She was also tired of the getting sideways looks from store clerks in both the men’s and women’s sections.

After an online search for gender-neutral / size-inclusive clothing proved fruitless, Vicky and Charisse knew they were on to something big, and they decided to do something about it! Dapper Boi was born!

Dapper Boi Size Guide by Aztech - aztechdigital.co

Key Challenges

Aztech entered the partnership with Dapper Boi at a point in the business where the company had an incredible following and significant recurring revenue but a mountain of headaches due to the site experience for consumers and the growing list of customer service tickets relative to pre-sale orders and sizing issues.
Aztech also wanted to help enhance their existing loyalty program with clear and simple UX and storytelling that highlighted the program benefits, while allowing customers to monitor their rewards on an ongoing basis, each time they visited the store.
Aztech had to think strategically about the improved type of eCommerce infrastructure and capabilities that Dapper Boi needed in order to continue to meet existing new demand, but also to satisfy those brand loyal customers who expressed their desire for better sizing guides and alerts to the pre-sale features.
As part of the project brief, we also needed to create an eCommerce experience that was representative of Dapper Boi’s inclusive brand both in gender and sizing.

Key Challenges

As an early stage business, we had to think strategically about the type of eCommerce infrastructure that ISAMEL needed in order to meet existing demand, but also to scale up in the future.
Many of the aspects of the design and functionality fell outside the built-in capabilities of Shopify.
As part of the project brief, we also needed to create an ecommerce experience that was representative of ISAMEL’s desire to establish itself as a premium luxury swimwear brand.
Ensuring a high quality customer experience at every step of the user journey, including post purchase support.
ISAMEL also needed to create pre-order functionality for all of its products to meet with initial production timelines and synchronize with their crowdfunding campaign.
Dapper Boi Loyalty by Aztech - aztechdigital.co

A modern, clean and minimal customer experience for the launch of the new Dapper Boi storefront.

Our Solution

Incorporating design thinking principles to research the core consumer behavior and reverse engineer a store that captured the essence of Dapper Boi’s inclusive brand.
Additionally, Aztech prides itself on coming up with creative solutions to client challenges. Sometimes it’s programmatically enhancing a native Shopify feature, other times it can be using one or more apps to create the needed functionality.
Helping to map Dapper Boi’s unique business model of Pre-Order and Introductory Pricing into a functional solution that made sense to end consumers browsing the store.
Dapper Boi’s loyal customer base is a huge pillar of their repeat business. Aztech worked to design and create a new Loyalty Page to engage users and convert them into new “Boi’s Club” members.

Dapper Boi saw a 59% increase in month over month Revenue within 30 days of us deploying their new storefront.

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Kendall Barry
Founder, CEO of Isamel

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